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With the help of your favorite stove, you can cook any meal to perfection. Built to the highest standards, stoves are incredibly versatile appliances. While an electric stove can last up to 14-15 years, a gas- powered unit can serve for 16-17 years. When properly maintained, stoves can cook tons of home-made meals. So take your time to read some useful maintenance tips from Green Wire Appliance Repair:

  • Prevent boil-overs

  • Clean spills quickly with a damp sponge or paper towel. You can do it with little effort if cleaning them while they are still warm

  • Don’t use abrasives, but use the solution of dishwashing liquid instead

  • Clean stove parts on a regular basis

  • Clean under the hood in case your stove cooktop isn’t sealed

  • Clean oven window

  • If you’ve noticed any odd symptoms, turn to us for stove repair


No matter if you have a gas or electric stove installed in your kitchen, it is still one of the most crucial home appliances. When it starts giving you tough times, it’s hard not to panic. But if you are aware of all common problems, you can contact us for stove repair right off the bat. So let’s take a look at the list:

Gas burner won’t light – if you hear clicking sounds but don’t smell gas, the problem might be caused by improper gas flow. But if you can smell gas yet don’t hear any sound, the likely culprit is the ignition switch. Call us for stove repair and we will replace it!

Gas burner is heating up slowly – when it happens, it is likely that the burner openings are clogged with debris. To address the problem, you should perform a thorough cleaning.

Electric burner won’t heat – first things first, check all burners. Of only one of them stays cold, it’s time for coils replacement. If all of them won’t heat, it is an electrical problem and you should call out a tech to replace the stovetop.

Induction element won’t heat – make sure you’re using proper pots and pans. An induction cooktop requires special, ferromagnetic pans. It works by heating up only the pan but not the burner below. So, check if your utensils are compatible with the appliance!

Gas stovetop keeps clicking – this problem might arise due to a blocked burner. So first of all, try to clean it up. If the clicking continues, make sure to book stove repair with our company.

If your stove requires a major fix, contact Green Wire Appliance Repair. We ensure the best repair service along with quality replacement parts!

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