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Range is the most versatile appliance installed in your kitchen. Not only does it come in different widths but also available in various configurations. There are many features that make your range unique. But at the same time, it requires a universal care in order to last for as long as possible. Here are some tips from Green Wire Appliance Repair on how to clean your range:

  • Clean it when it’s cold. Don’t attempt to clean the range until it cools down.

  • Whenever you spill something on the range, clean it right away. When food is baked onto the surface, it becomes harder to remove it. Food spills may cover the gas range’s pilot light. Make sure that both the pilot orifice and burner heads are clean. If the pilot light won’t turn on, call us for range repair.

  • Clean under the burners and grates. Use some warm, soapy water to soak them prior to cleaning them. If you have a gas unit, clean the area under the grates thoroughly.

  • Make it a point to clean your oven every month. While a usual oven cleaner is enough for a porcelain enamel interior, it’s better to use a soft cloth and mild detergent for metal interiors.

  • Clean gas open burners with a wire brush. If some holes are clogged, then you need to remove them in order to clean more precisely. If it doesn’t help and a gas burner still won’t light, don’t hesitate to call us for range repair.


Let’s take a look at some common issues that may cause your range to fail. If you ever notice any of them, turn to us for range repair at once:

Electric cooktop not working or working partially – a likely culprit of this problem is a faulty coil element or Smoothtop. Call us for range repair and we will replace it in no time!

Surface burner issues – the burner might start clicking due to the spillover or during the ignition. If the flames are too high, too low, yellow, uneven, or noisy, it may be the signal that the burner ports are clogged or burner base and burner cap are positioned improperly.

Range won’t switch on – first, check if the power cord is connected to an outlet. Then have a look at the circuit breaker and fuses. If it’s a gas range, check if the gas valve is on. Still having issues? Then book range repair with our company!

If your unit is more than 10 years old, a replacement might prove to be a better option. So contact Green Wire Appliance Repair to get a clear assessment on your situation!

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