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Icemaker repair
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Icemaker is often built into a refrigerator or freezer. Its performance is pretty simple. First, it fills with water. Then the compressor and pump directs it over the evaporator where the water freezes in the mold. After that, the defrost mode turns on and the pieces of ice slide onto a cutting grid that cuts these pieces into sparkling cubes and drops them out. But when one of these steps fails, it leads to a “no ice” complaint. If you are keen on getting ice the moment you need it, please follow these maintenance tips, provided by Green Wire Appliance Repair:

  • Empty the ice bin every once in a while.

  • Sanitize your icemaker periodically. It contains food items, so make it a point to wipe down the bin with a mild detergent and then rinse it well with water. It should guard the unit against contamination.

  • Dry the bin thoroughly before reinstalling.

  • If you’ve noticed that your ice smells or tastes bad, don’t delay and call us for icemaker repair.


An icemaker can stop working for several reasons. However, most of them can be easily fixed when caught on time. So it’s all the better to stay prepared and keep an eye on its performance. Should there be any of the following problems, call us and schedule icemaker repair to get rid of them in short order:

Icemaker not cold enough or failure
to retain a cool te mperature

Pause feature enabled – some units have a control arm that activates a pause feature to prevent the bin from overfilling with ice. It may have been moved inadvertently, or possibly broken. Hence the icemaker’s functionality is put on pause.

Loud Icemaker

Clogged filter – it is a pretty common issue. In most cases, it pops up due to poor maintenance. So check your unit for debris or turn to us to change the filter.

Water leakage

Water line malfunction – each icemaker has a water supply line. Water supply valve can go down or be restricted by a fastener or bracket. Call us for icemaker repair to diagnose and fix this problem the right way!

Faulty water inlet valve – its location depends on the fridge manufacturer. So, it’s always best to entrust its diagnosis to a field technician. It requires proper expertise in icemaker repair to find the valve, clean it from debris or replace it!

Thermostat set too low – it may lead to freezing water in the line. Just make sure to set your thermostat to the manufacturer’s recommended temperatures. If it’s set too low, water will freeze before it gets to the mold.

Noticed some odd symptoms? Make a service call and Green Wire Appliance Repair will troubleshoot your icemaker to find an optimal solution!

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