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A well-running range hood is a big part of any kitchen. Especially if you are a big fan of cooking! So keeping this appliance is good working order is in your best interest. If you are keen on taking the necessary steps, Green Wire Appliance Repair is ready to share a few useful tips:

  • Keep your range hood clean. It means cleaning the range hood itself as well as its vents, filters and fans. It will help prevent grease from building up. As a result, your appliance will work at a maximum efficiency for longer.

  • Book regular maintenance. While you can do some easy things yourself, major adjustments are best left to the experts. So make sure to call out a specialist for routine check-ups to prevent big problems from arising.

  • Turn to us for range hood repair. These appliances can develop a good number of issues. By getting rid of them at once, you will be able to extend the overall lifespan of your range hood greatly. So keep our number handy!


Wondering what are the most common symptoms that might require range hood repair? Here are some of them:

Range hood has no power. This problem may happen due to a tripped breaker or blown fuse. Other than that, it can be caused by faulty wiring. So check if it’s plugged into an outlet and this outlet is functioning well.

Smoke won’t clear from the area. If you’ve turned on the fan and the smoke won’t go, it is likely that the filter got clogged. In that case, you need to remove it and clean in hot soapy water to get rid of all the grease.

Fan is making a humming noise. In most cases, the fan starts making odd sounds when it’s covered with grease and fats. First, clean the fan blades and fan motor. If that doesn’t help, get in touch with us for range hood repair.

Lights won’t come on. First things first, make sure that the light bulbs aren’t burnt out. If they are in good working order, there might be a problem with a switch. So a simple range hood light switch replacement will improve the situation.

Fan won’t turn on at all. The likely culprit of this problem is a broken fan switch. Other than that, it can be a burnt motor. To diagnose this issue without a hitch, make sure to call us for a professional range hood repair.

As you can see, their list goes on. But don’t worry! By hiring Green Wire Appliance Repair, you will be able to have any of them addressed shortly.

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