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Many people prefer gas-powered appliances over their electric analogies due to their efficiency and potential cost savings. They can provide you with years of comfort if you treat them the right way. Routine maintenance as well as occasional repairs can help keep these ovens, ranges, water heaters and dryers in top shape for longer. If you want your gas appliances to last, here are some tips from Green Wire Appliance Repair:

  • In most cases, owners’ manuals contain the directions on how often you should service the unit and what to look for if gas appliance repairs are needed.

  • Always make sure the shut-off gas valve for each appliance is in good working order.

  • Keep the area around your gas appliances clear of any flammable materials.

  • Call us for a timely gas appliance repair. As such issues can be pretty hazardous, having them fixed right away is in your own interest.


Gas appliances are relatively simple. But despite of this fact, they can still develop a wide range of problems. Wouldn’t it be good to learn when to turn to us for gas appliance repair? Here are some common issues:

Burners on your natural gas stove won’t light. It happens because they are clogged with debris. So first of all, try to clean them. If it doesn’t help, there might something wrong with the gas pipes. Don’t think twice and call out a licensed gas appliance repair pro!

There is a yellow or sooty flame on your heater. If you have come across this problem, it’s a signal to bring in a gasfitter. Call our company as we send licensed gasfitters that have passed special training on detecting and correcting risks of carbon monoxide spillage.

Pilot light on your heater goes out unexpectedly. If that is the case, you should invite a properly equipped gasfitter for a correct diagnosis and gas appliance repair!

Gas dryer isn’t heating well. There are several parts in a gas dryer that can go out and cause this issue. These can be faulty gas valves, blown thermal fuses, faulty igniters and so on. Just make sure to entrust their replacement to a vetted gasfitter.

Gas dryer is overheating. It’s time to consider dryer vent cleaning! Don’t forget that this service should be done at least once a year. As clogged vents can lead to house fires, make it a point to schedule it on-time!

Broken or kind-of-working gas appliances can be a real headache. But let nothing worry you! Green Wire Appliance Repair is here to take good care of all your units both now and always.

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