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Freezer repair
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One must agree that freezers are simply indispensible home appliances. They work non-stop to protect a large amount of goods from early spoiling. Without a doubt, even the tiniest problem can put all these perishables at risk. Which is why, keeping this unit in good shape is in your best interest. If you want to know how, here are some tips from Green Wire Appliance Repair:

  • Keep the interior clean. Once or twice a year, make sure to wipe the walls and shelves with soapy water. Make sure to rinse and dry it properly. That will help you prevent bad odors as well as bacteria growth.

  • Maintain proper temperatures. Ideally, that should be 0° F. For a better efficiency, keep your appliance away from direct sunlight and cooking equipment.

  • Book freezer repair and upkeep. Even if the issue seems minor, don’t postpone a much needed repair service. By scheduling it on time, you will be able to avoid early replacement. Also, keep in mind that regular maintenance can go a long way!


Freezers are complex appliances. As they consist of a great number of components, they can develop as much problems. Let’s take a look at the most common ones, so that you could call us for freezer repair without delay:

Freezer not cold enough or failure
to retain a cool te mperature

When your refrigerator emits cool air, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is really retaining its coolness, and the possibility that your food will get spoilt is high. Well, here is something you can do, put in a thermometer to ensure it maintains a temperature below 6-degree C or 42-degree F. On condition that the temperature is above this, turn down the thermostat and if this doesn’t have any positive changes contact a professional or expert.

Freezer fails to run – this problem is likely to be caused by a faulty electronic control board. But first things first, check if the power light indicator is on. If not, make sure that the appliance is plugged in.

My freezer is too warm – in most cases, it happens when the defrost thermostat is broken. But before you turn to us for freezer repair, check if the temperature is set correctly. You may have accidentally adjusted it to higher degrees.

Appliance is too noisy – chances are this issue is caused by a bad evaporator fan. However, it depends on the type of noise. Some sounds can be absolutely natural and don’t require any thorough attention.

Unit is leaking water – small puddles of water next to the freezer mean that defrost drain has frozen over. When it happens, you need to defrost it and clean. If the water is leaking from the appliance itself, call us for freezer repair.

Excessive frost build-up – from a defective defrost heater to damaged door gaskets, this problem may arise due to various reasons. For a correct diagnosis, it would be better if you pick up the phone and dial our number.

Have you come across one of these or any other problem? Put your worries aside! With Green Wire Appliance Repair by your side, you can expect to have your unit diagnosed and fixed in next to no time.

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